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Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi #3

Jun 03, 2020 · House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today that “the gift of faith tells us that we’re all God’s children.” “Now, faith is a gift, not everyone has it,” Pelosi said. “Sometimes people say to me, ‘How come you believe this or that.’ I say, ‘Well, I have the gift of faith,’” said Pelosi.

As your friend I applaud you for standing up for all of us as God’s children. In today’s world we have lost that conception that ALL of us, not just the black people, not just the Asian people, not just the white people, not just the American Indians, not all the other people that have come to America for one reason or another, WE are all God’s children. And it is a gift from God.

Anytime that we receive a gift from God, it is greatly to be appreciated and it is far above anything than we can even imagine in power and might. This gift is given to all people and manifests itself when we see that Jesus is the true Son of God. It is a treasure. I am so glad that you had the courage to come out and say, “I have the gift of faith…”

But I am a little conflicted by actions and words. Actions tell me that only certain people are important. Actions tell me that only certain agendas that require violence and death are important. Actions tell me that destruction and tearing down and rewriting history and calling all people one thing because of something that happened decades ago is OK. Actions and words are not really aligning.

Americans are one people. There is no color or creed that makes you American. Belief in justice, God, the innate goodness of people, and standing by our constitution makes you an American. It is earned by loyalty.

America was founded on the belief in freedom for all people. Blood was shed all over this land and in foreign lands to provide us with this freedom that America has right now. Enemies without and within now want her freedom killed. The blood that was shed is being stomped on and desicrated and abused and put to shame. It is this same blood that gives these people the right to protest and say we need change, so why in God’s earth are they so intent on destroying what gave them this right? I really don’t understand.

Now, friend, this is may be where you come in. You have power. That is evident. You have money. That is evident. So since you believe that we are all God’s children here in America, then maybe as a woman of the Bible once had the courage to stand up in faith and say, “If it cost me all, my people will not be destroyed and me stand by idle.” You too can stand up for all American people. Don’t let American people, God’s people, the people of faith be destroyed by hatred and bigotry and greed and power. American needs you to be a woman of faith. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren need you to stand on your words.

In Christ’s love I write. Kathy Wrigley

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Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi #2


I was thinking about friendships and what a really really truly God-given friend is. The definition from the website defines friend as:

  1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard
  2. a person who gives assistance
  3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile
  4. a member of the same nation, party, etc

The definition of friendship from defines friendship as:

  1. the state of being a friend; association as friends

I think friends can be many things but a true friend in a true friendship knows no boundaries.

Some friends are born into the family structure. These friendships are lifelong and special.

Some friendships are just magical as two different people from two different pasts just absolutely adore each other’s company.

Then there are the ones that grown ups choose. We choose to interact to see if a friendship can happen. This is where I am. I will act as your friend and see where it takes us.

Friends are there no matter what.

Friends are important.

Friends are to tell each other the truth as they see it.

As your friend, please, stop apologizing for your heritage and history. You are not a slave owner. You never owned any slaves. The people you bow down to were never slaves. The people you bow down to will never be slaves. There needs to be a mutual respect but not one race, creed, color, ethnic background is better than another. Each one of us was carried by a woman, born into this world alive, and matured into an adult. Everyone alive has this gift of life given to them, and it is full of promise and excitement and privilege. Help the people around you, all of them, to see this gift and cherish it and cherish it in the others they are in contact with.

I know you have great power, and with great power comes greater responsibility. As your friend, take care of yourself, take care of your family, take care of your friends, and take care of the people that put you in this place of honor.

In Christ’s love I write

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