Where’s the Toilet Paper?

So here we are, big, swaggering, carry a big stick America, and we are going crazy over toilet paper because a big scary virus has raised its ugly head. We must get our wits about us and remember that we are all in the fight together, and trying to stock up enough toilet paper for a year is not the way to do this. We are not alone in this fight.

Right now we are freaking out over the slightest thing. Fear has taken over, and pandemic panic has set in.

We have scared ourselves up a tree. Yes, things are serious, but this is not the end of the world. Stop while you are up that tree and see how wonderful the sunrise is, how awesome sunsets are, how wonderful it is to be alive.

Some families have found themselves living with their kids again, having to spend time with them. And, yep, they are getting restless and playing the he-touched-me game and the I-am-bigger-than-you-are game. Driving you right up the wall and amping up your anxiety. Thoughts and questions start assailing your mind. “Are these really mine? I cannot send them back to…where? What do I do with all this?”

Get them busy! They can help clean their rooms now that they have no where to go. Teach them to do laundry. Everyone needs to know that before they leave home. Teach them to cook. Get them involved at each meal and whatever they fix, everyone has to eat. They will become gourmet cooks in no time! Just be sure to supervise!

Play games with them. Yes, you know, games that do not involve electronics. I know, some play electronic games with their kids and have a blast, but everyone needs to take a screen break. Did you know that studies have shown that in children excessive use of electronic devises affects them just like an addiction? They really can have withdrawals! Help them out of the crazy cycle. Spend some time – playing games that require human-to-human interactions.

Now you need to help them unwind. Ask yourself if are they feeding off your fears and anxiety. They can feel that. Sit down and talk with them. Tell them you don’t have all the answers. Reassure them that God is still here with us no matter how bleak things seem to appear. They are stronger than we know, so get them involved. Let them express what they are feeling.

Then, after a long day, and it can be exhausting, you go find your own place. Even if you have no kids at home, the constant barrage of bad news makes nerves raw and sensitive. Find your quiet place.

And nap often! It is good for the mind, body and soul.

Above all else remember the Lion of the tribe of Judah is in this fight too. He is not afraid. He will not run. He will not hide. He has not abandoned us. In the middle of this storm He is our Joy.

But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; left them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You.

Psalm 5:11

For Christ I Write – Kathy

Edited by Spark 34 Editing

All photos by Pixabay