In our little corner of the world, we don’t want anyone or anything to ‘rock the boat’. We want everything to be status quo except for a little jolt of happiness here and there to break up the monotony of normal life. We are mostly consumed with going to work, going to kids’ functions, and making ends meet. When something comes at us, being humans, most of us just freak out. Don’t Rock My Boat!!!!

This is what is happening to a lot of Americans today. The coronavirus pandemic has us running blindly like a herd of stampeding animals. Now, if you have never seen a live stampede, this is how it goes. One cow, usually the boss cow, sees a snake; or hears thunder; or sees her shadow and freaks out and starts running. Now, the others in the herd, not seeing or knowing anything except they see her running, play follow the leader. The herd is now running as hard as it can blindly following the one in front.

Herds can run through six-strand barbed wire fences like they were made of string, jump across streams in one bound, run head-long into ditches deep enough to hide a dinosaur, and keep running for miles. When they finally stop they are exhausted, cannot find home, and really don’t know what was so frightening.

Unfortunately many Americans are in a herd, stampeding to the stores and stocking up. Now for me, the strangest thing that I have ever heard of that people are in a frantic panic to get is–Toilet Paper. I am not sure who started the stampede of this item, but I find it, well, funny! I understand that not much is coming from China, but we have our own toilet paper manufacturing plants here in America. So, I don’t think toilet paper will disappear except into the deep reaches of some basements that in years to come will become beds for mice and bugs.

New diseases, new protocols, the loss of feeling like we are in control; these are all things that make us humans panic. Right now we need to remember what country we live in, remember our heritage and stop the panicked stampede. America has survived for centuries, and a virus does not turn America into a panic nation. We stood strong, united after 9/11. In Oklahoma we stood strong after April 19th. When Americans, those from the cities and those from the farms, have been attacked, what has made us great is uniting as one to fight the threat, not stampede from it.

Do not fear the unknown. We are not alone in this fight. Jesus is here in the middle of it with us. Face this pandemic and say, “We will not falter. We will not be over taken. We will not destroy ourselves. We are strong. We are America.” Stop. Look around at the people helping–the nurses, the doctors, the laboratory technicians, and the normal people doing normal things. See with your own eyes the unknown, but then decide you will not follow the herd blindly. America was forged by the sacrifice of brave Americans. Americans don’t run from the fight, they run toward the fight and win!

In God We Trust

For Christ’s Love I Write

All photos from Pixabay

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