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New to the Journey

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I kind of jumped in last time talking about getting out and about, doing some normal things, and trying to move forward. I am going to back up a little bit and tell you what I felt in the beginning. To know the whole story I did write a book, My Loss, God’s Promises. It tells more but I am going to share some of the first days for those who are just beginning this journey.

When I first lost my husband I could barely breathe. I really did not want to breathe but I kept on living. I was angry at God for letting him die. I was disappointed in God by not giving me what I wanted. I hurt. I cried until my head felt like it would explode, took some pills for the pain, and then cried some more.

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Still Learning

I have a long ways to go in learning this blogging thing and in the walk through grief. I am still amazed that it can take so long for healing of the wounds of grief. Without God, those of us who have lost someone would have problems indeed.

These will get better and longer. I have more but I want to find the right path before too much longer.

The sun will break through the clouds. Believe, ask, receive. Promises from God.

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