My husband was to be born on Saint Patrick’s Day. He decided not to show up then but he was still named after this Patron Saint. As I was doing a Bible study I recently learned a little bit more about him.

Saint Patrick was mistreated by the Irish and used as a slave. He escaped and fled to England. While there his heart became burdened for those who had mistreated him, and he went back to minister to them, and it was during this time that he wrote a prayer, a confession of who Christ was to him.

It spoke to my soul. I needed to confess who Christ is to me every day. I change the words a lot because some days I need Him to be healer, or comforter, or forgiver, or friend, or King. Below is one of my confessions of who Christ is in my life. As I read them out loud, they humble me.

Christ in me. Christ with me. Christ through me. Christ in my words. Christ above me. Christ beneath me. Christ in front of me. Christ behind me. Christ at my left hand. Christ at my right hand. Christ in my ears. Christ in my eyes. Christ is my Savior. Christ into Your hands I place my life today.

Only You are Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty…and we are His people, His sons and His daughters. Into Your hands.

For Christ I write – Kathy

Photo skeeze from Pixabay