The Lion of the Tribe of Judah fears no one, no place, no thing. We are of the same lineage. We need to realize who we are in God. We are warriors fighting the good fight, winning the war, and making the devil nervous when we are up and about. Study the Word. Believe the Word. Know the Word, and you will become warriors.

  • Warriors in the workplace.
  • Warriors at home.
  • Warriors in church.
  • Warriors for the sick.
  • Warriors for our friends.

This does not mean we will not have pain. We will. This does not mean we will have all easy times. We won’t. This does not mean that God is not with us. He is.

God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us. His strength is enough for our weaknesses. He helps carry our burdens. He does not promise an easy life but the life He gives is so much more than we could ever plan for ourselves.

Our trust in God will make us jump off of the cliff. Our faith in God will make us learn to fly once we jump off. Our belief in God will make all the things that our eyes say is impossible, possible. The sick get well. The addictions are taken away. The pain gets easier. We are forgiven.

Trust is freedom, and freedom is faith in God

My intent is to share what I mine out of the Word with you and hope that your heart will also – catch fire!

Because we are Christians and this is not our final destination, does not make us absent from the world. We are warriors of faith.

My blog page is ‘Through the Fire’.

In Christ’s love I write – Kathy Wrigley

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